Mzuri Agricultural Machinery

With over 35 years of experience in agricultural machinery, the knowledge behind this worldwide company is immense. One of the key products to their success was the inception and development of the Mzuri Pro-Til drill, which has now evolved into a full range of strip tillage equipment.

We are proud to have been involved with the Mzuri Pro-Til right from the start, manufacturing over 75% of the components, from hopper to harrows. This product, with its diverse engineered components clearly showcases the medium engineering side of our business. From complex jig work to the production of unique components, all manufactured too high tolerances and precision fit.

All the orange and green metal components, as shown on the picture, have been powder coated on-site. Yet another of the many skilled manufacturing processes we can offer.

We are commissioned by Mzuri to produce 10 units per week which we are more than capable of doing due to the size of our operation and progressive production schedule.